Earning Money From Surfing The Internet

Earn Money From Surfing The Internet


Zubee Zone Coins

Zubee coins are collected while surfing at participating traffic exchanges, and they can be exchanged for cash or prizes at Zubeezone. You need to be a member of Zubeezone before you are able to begin collecting the coins. They range in value from 125 for silver coins, 250 for gold coins to 1,000 for the diamond coins for the basic rate, but you can have a bonus rate which will increase the value of each collected coin. Once you have enough of them collected, you are able to convert them into cash or to buy extra bonuses percentages which increase the value of coins collected. There is no minimum level of payout, and they will payout even $0.01, payouts are made each Friday.

There are quite a few traffic exchanges that participate in giving out the zubee coins, and are usually received after surfing a set number of pages, though some do give them away for just logging in their site. I have compiled a list of sites below that I regularly use to collect these coins, as well as the number of sites required to surf before receiving the three different coins.

Traffic Exchange Name Silver Gold Diamond
Advertising Maximizer 5 120 500
Ant Hits 8 88 188
Bed Rock Surf login 77 na
Bitcoin Blizzard 5 80 155
CPR Hits 111 333 555
Chess Ads login 100 300
Cool Cat Hits 10 100 500
Crystal Surf login 110 502
Deep Sea Hits login 29 254
Glacier Hits 5 98 445
Hit Crusher login 17 na
Hit Safari login 48 254
OMG TE 9 99 299
Real Hitz 4U login 44 254
Red Stag Hits 7 107 447
Rewards 4 Surfing 5 135 255
Sakura Traffic 5 125 na
Sea Shore Surfing 100 275 550
Sea Star Hits login 15 na
Sotuk Traffic 3 100 300
Squirly Traffic 10 125 467
Sunshine Surf Club 5 200 500
Surfing Old School 10 120 201
TE Racing League 125 252 502
TE Surf Social 7 107 447
Traffic Teams 7 115 511
Traffic Exchange WIZ 15 120 201
Traffic Flying 10 125 250
Traffic Magician 7 105 503
Traffic Royal 7 115 511
Traffic Speedway 10 100 350
Traffic Swirl login 25 na
Top Hits 4 U login 50 250
Vinrasta login 100 250
Zaney Clicks login 57 249

Want to Earn More Credits From Traffic Exchanges?

There is a way you can earn more credits from traffic exchanges and it is easy to do. Firstly you need to join TeCommandPost, which will allow you to earn more bonus credits from the below traffic exchange sites, anywhere between 10% to 100% more on the standard credits on offer. Also, each exchange has a bonus page every 15 pages surfed, where you can win anything from bonus credits to cash. On top of this, they have a special feature called social shindig where you can earn an extra percentage on top of whatever you are currently receiving including the bonus percentage from using TeCommandPost.

In additional to this, they run special promotions where you can win cash, that can be paid straight into your payapl account once you have reach the right payout amount which is usually $10. And this is done automatically without you requesting, as they do a mass payout every Monday.

Tezak Traffic Power

Traffic Splash

Dragon Surf

Fast Easy Traffic

Earn Credits By Promoting These Exchanges

The below 2 exchanges are completely different, there is no need to surf, all you need to do is promote your referral link in other traffic exchanges, and earn credits in the below 2. Use your credits to promote your sites in many other traffic exchanges. And as an added bonus, earn cash from promoting your referral link.

247Best Hits

Explosive Traffic