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Traffic | Earning | Opportunities

Traffic Earning Opportunities - that is what you will find on this site.

Traffic - to drive visitors to your site via traffic exchanges and other methods such as search engines.

Earning - you'll be able to earn money via using the traffic exchanges that provide cash through winnings & other promotions, and also by paid to read programs.

Opportunities - many different opportunities available on the internet, from getting traffic for your sites, to earning money. My site only lists a few but there are many more, which I will add as time goes on.



10 Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Website
By Shirley Brown

In order to have a successful online business you need to generate visitors or traffic to your website. Here are ten ideas to help drive traffic to your site.

The Top Secrets For More Traffic Generation To Your Website
By Paul Coleman

For any website, traffic is important. This is what determines the success of the website based on what it has been set up for. Any website, whether personal or business, with huge traffic will enjoy greater benefits in terms of making money online. Running an online business depends on traffic generation. Without traffic, your business is doomed to fail as it means you do not have a good online visibility. Hence, no one will get to know who you are and what you do to get interested enough to bring you business. Luckily, there are secrets which can help you generate traffic to your website to the success of the business.

Learn The Basics of Website Traffic Generation
By Tan Bing

In the world of online media, visitor traffic is extremely important for any website whether it is related to any kind of commercial business or even personal branding. Good visitor traffic means that your website is seen and visited by a large number of people around the world. Implementing a good strategy will help you promote and advertise your business on a larger scale and that too at a lesser price.



Want to Earn More Credits From Traffic Exchanges?

There is a way you can earn more credits from traffic exchanges and it is easy to do. Firstly you need to join TeCommandPost, which will allow you to earn more bonus credits from the below traffic exchange sites, anywhere between 10% to 100% more on the standard credits on offer. Also, each exchange has a bonus page every 15 pages surfed, where you can win anything from bonus credits to cash. On top of this, they have a special feature called social shindig where you can earn an extra percentage on top of whatever you are currently receiving including the bonus percentage from using TeCommandPost.

In additional to this, they run special promotions where you can win cash, that can be paid straight into your payapl account once you have reach the right payout amount which is usually $10. And this is done automatically without you requesting, as they do a mass payout every Monday.

Tezak Traffic Power

Traffic Splash

Dragon Surf

Fast Easy Traffic

Earn Credits By Promoting These Exchanges

The below 2 exchanges are completely different, there is no need to surf, all you need to do is promote your referral link in other traffic exchanges, and earn credits in the below 2. Use your credits to promote your sites in many other traffic exchanges. And as an added bonus, earn cash from promoting your referral link.

247Best Hits

Explosive Traffic


If you have a website, you will need traffic. Although doing this can be tricky, it can be done in such a way that it will give you the results that you want. You will need visitors to see your website, so to achieve this, you need to promote your website in some way.

Promotion of your website can be done in so many different ways. The main ways I currently promote my website is through traffic exchanges, and search engines. And in the past I have tried using social media, and articles as well to promote my website with mixed results.

Advertising through advertising sites such as Adlandpro is another way of gaining more visitors to your website. It is free to advertise, and they have so many other options as well, so I suggest its a worthwile site to check out.

Traffic Exchanges

One of the easiest way of getting traffic is by using traffic exchanges. They work by you surfing and viewing websites, and in exchange for this you earn credits that can be used to show your own website or opportunity.

Some of the regular traffic exchanges I use are listed below.

Visit the Traffic Exchange page on my site for these and many more websites that you can use to generate visitors to your website or opportunity.

 Gone Clicking

Traffic Dynamite

Tezak Traffic Power

 Click Voyager

 Traffic Splash


 Max Traffic Pro

Lords Of Traffic 


Traffic Fusion 


247Traffic Exchange 

 Live Traffic Network

 Traffic Witch

 Traffic Showdown

Dream Fuel Traffic


 Blue Surf

New Way Surf 

 Viking Hits

 4x4 Hits


 Click n' Putt

 Traffic Roundup


 Big Beach Hits

 Dragon Surf

 Traffic Bunnies

 Click Fred Traffic

SoloMatic Traffic 

Bellas Click Shack 

Fast Easy Traffic 

Elevated Traffic 





Search Engines

Using search engines to get visitors to your site is not too hard to do. In fact it is quite easy to get your website listed on a search engine. The hard part is getting your website ranking high enough in the search results to get visitors to your website.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. all offer you a way of submitting your website to them, so that they can crawl and index your website. This will result in your website being listed but it does not guarantee that it will be found in the search results anywhere near the top.

You will need to optimize your website in a number of ways, so that your ranking will be higher. The better you do this, the higher your ranking will be, and higher up in the search results it will appear.


You can earn small amounts of money by just surfing the internet, and reading emails. These programs will not make you rich, but they do provide a small income which you can then use for other things, like advertising your website, or for paid income opportunities.

The programs below are some that I have used and continue to use. You can combine these with traffic exchanges to gain referals that can increase your earning potential with these programs.

DreamMails - Paid to read emails, click, sign up and refer. Free to join, with low payout of $1.00.

StCashUnlimited - Members can earn from paid emails, paid to click and from referrals. Low payout.

X-Ray Cash - Free to join, get paid read emails, view websites, and write reviews. Low payout.

GetPaidMail - Get paid to read emails. All emails worth between 0.25 and 2 cents. Get paid to visit sites + paid manual hits.

MatrixMails - has been offering many different online opportunities through which you can earn extra income. Membership is FREE and provide nearly all kinds of "get paid to" and "get paid for" related programs.

DonkeyMails - A reliable program to help you to earn money at home. Many income opportunities to earning money online with this website, as well as web promotion. A low payout of $1.00. - A online rewards program with income opportunities, paid to read emails, visit websites, complete surveys & offers, and cashback for shopping.



Opportunities for earning money on the internet is huge, but with that comes a word of warning before you proceed. You need to fully understand what you are getting into before you leap, especially when it comes to parting with your hard earned money. Please do your research, and find out what others are saying before joining programs that require you to pay.

In saying that, there are many that are free to join, and never ask you for money. I have joined a few, and like the programs above, most have only paid out small amounts, so don't expect to become a millionaire with any of these.

There are so many opportunities for you to earn money by different means, and some of the common ones are doing surveys, viewing websites, creating websites to name a few.

Another money making opportunity is to make money from your own website by displaying adverts on it. I have only just started to look into this, and will at a later date go into further details about this.

Below are just a few I have used, and serve only as an excample of what is available out there.

InstantOnlineSuccess -The Only Proven Program On The Internet That Generates Automatic Income Daily 24 Hours A Day.

Article Site Power - Turn articles into money making websites in minutes. Your sites will feature Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank ads, Search Engine Optimization solutions, matching Niche Videos and much more.

0MLM - Get 5 sites with free domain names and free hosting to earn money at home. Each site earns you income from adverts, affiliate links and digital product sales. 

RewardsCentral - Be rewarded for reading emails and filling out online surveys, for shopping, for playing games and much more! Redeem your rewards for cash.

MyOpinions- Get rewarded for participating in online market research surveys about your lifestyle and habits. Earn points for every survey you complete, and exchange them for real cash.

AyuWage - AyuWage will pay you for surfing websites, viewing content, and answering surveys.  They pay you directly to your Paypal account.


Other Stuff

An odd assortment of sites that don't really fit into any other category that you may find interesting.

e4iPhone - Access unlimited free iPhone apps, games, movies, music and more! Includes jailbreak and unlock software and instructions. Also for iPad and iPod Touch.

Everything4360 - Unleash your xbox -  free  games, and play burned games. Learn how to fix your xbox yourself, and more.