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10 Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Website
By Shirley Brown

When internet marketing the more traffic you attract the better the opportunity of securing sales. Time and time again the failing of most online businesses is lack of visitors or traffic.

Ten top tips to ensure you continue to get traffic to your website are:

1. Regularly create new blog posts - posts must be interesting and relevant to the topic on your site and the frequency denotes it is current and up to date.

2. Use attention grabbing titles - generate interest with your title alone, drawing visitors into our site to browse and read further information. Think about your message and what you are trying to get across to the reader. Deliver that message correctly and you will become a reputable source of information.

3. Include keywords in your titles - keywords consist of more than one word so use commonly recognised keyword phrases in your specific niche to ensure recognition from search engines.

4. Refer to your own posts - link in other relevant posts your readers may be interested in within different categories or on other pages, encouraging visitors to navigate your whole site and making them aware of your products.

5. Use social media to promote your site - Facebook is the most well-known social media site however Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other sites can help promote your blog. Include your URL on your pages, emails and profiles to raise the awareness of your website and its content.

6. Cross connect with other niche websites and bloggers - link with similar sites to help promote theirs and your own content, providing exposure to multiple audiences.

7. Identify regularly asked questions through Google and other search engines, then answer the questions on your site. Give straight to the point answers and facts.

8. Use reviews of products to promote and sell affiliate products and services. Include honest opinions and always include the fatal flaw to give a fair view. Compare different products and prices of similar type to provide a reputable or reliable argument or recommendation.

9. Link to other well-known bloggers or experts in your niche, asking them to comment or guest post on your site to create a forum or debate on related issues.

10. Create a unique YouTube post on your blog. It is possible to use your iPhone, webcam or a video camera and create a tutorial or post for your website to generate interest.

These are just a few thoughts and ideas on generating an interest and traffic to your website.

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