Earning Money From Surfing The Internet

6 Amazing Tips To Direct Traffic To Your Website For Free
By Shirley Brown

The secret of success in internet and affiliate marketing is the volume of traffic, and targeted traffic, visiting your website to buy or refer to buy products, either your own or affiliates.

There are various ways to increase traffic to your website either paid or free and knowing the best of each is a surefire way to ensure your site is advertised and visited.

It is possible to attract regular visitors using different techniques and methods to attract attention and interest.

There is of course, a huge difference between attracting people who read and people who click to buy. Traffic needs to be hungry and looking to spend money and you need to provide what they are looking for.

In order to increase traffic to your blog, here are some tips on free traffic generation.

1. Use various media on your site - when writing posts use different types including video (YouTube), screengrabs and screenshots, audio, text and images. This shows variety in your content and the reader will click to find out more information.

2. Regular updates - by constantly refreshing and updating your website, you will promote curiosity in the change each time and create a compulsion to return again to see what happens next.

3. Create a membership - provide regular advice, tips and support to regular visitors by requesting feedback and comments on posts or products you are promoting. Request registration using email and offer regular free newsletters, updates and bonuses for visiting. By encouraging interaction with other visitors, this become a community and social location offering a sense of belonging to regular readers.

4. SEO - search engine optimisation or the use of keywords to appear high in search engine rankings, increasing the likelihood of clicks due to displaying the required information and direction for internet users based on the topic they are researching. Keywords can be single words phrases, questions or a full sentence.

5. Article Writing - if you have imagination, creativity and the ability to research and explain, article writing and posting on sites, blogs and online magazine sites will display your work, encouraging visitors to your site to gain more information.

6. Guest Blog - by visiting other blogs within your niche and posting guest blogs, inviting the website owner to guest blog on your site, creating links between sites increase recognition in search engines and also directs traffic from that website to your site.

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