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Learning From Mistakes Will Teach You How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free
By Milo Pabawena

In affiliate marketing, there are a lot of lessons to be learned in order to learn how to get traffic to your website for free. Make no mistake, there are going to be times when you are going to mess up, but that's where life's greatest lessons are going to be learned. My daughter is involved in ice skating; when she first started, she fell down quite a bit. A couple of years later, after going through much training, her skating has greatly improved. Affiliate marketing is not any different; you can't expect to succeed overnight. There are going to be times when you are going to struggle. It takes practice in order to get free traffic to your website. This is a good thing; it will help you to grow and learn; soon, you will become a seasoned veteran in affiliate marketing. Now, let's point out some tips on some areas where people tend to struggle. Mastering these tips will help you get free internet traffic.

1. Article marketing. Article writing is the lifeblood for your website. If you have never written an article, now is the good time to start. Grab a notebook or start up the computer and just start writing or typing. Pick a topic that interest you, do some research, and get to work. To complete an article, it will usually take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Here is a tip that I have found very useful and it has gotten to the point where I can write a 400 to 500 word with ease. Follow the 12 to 2 rule. Type your article for 12 minutes straight, then take a 2 minute break. You will do this for an hour.

2. Become a web builder. This is a valuable tool to learn, because your website is the main moneymaker. There are many sources on the internet where you can learn the basics of web page coding. People tend to back away when they see the language the program was written in, you do not have to learn all of it, just the basics for uploading the picture, video, content, and color and that's it.

3. This next tip is for people who are shy. If you want to have the advantage over other affiliate marketers, then you need to start socializing to get your website out on the market. This means interacting with people in public and on the internet. Create videos and post them online and use the social networks to help spread the word about your product that you are promoting. The way that you can overcome shyness is to start talking to people that you do not know, learn how to accept rejection, and use family members to help assist in you new venture.

Learning these tips will help you learn how to get traffic to your website for free. Remember that it will take time and practice to master these internet marketing skills.

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