Earning Money From Surfing The Internet

Four Simple Traffic Techniques That Work
By Donald Gavin

The success of every online business depends on the ability to attract visitors to our web pages and our offers. To achieve this we have to rely on effective traffic techniques that work. It has been said, "if you build it they will come". That might be true of architecture but it is certainly not true of sites on the Internet. Let me give you four simple traffic techniques that work and have the added benefit of costing nothing to implement.

The first technique is article marketing. Article marketing is simply when you write numbers of articles and submit them to article directories and is, in my opinion the very best traffic driving technique there is. These articles are 400-800 words long and provide good quality information on specific topics related to your niche and once they are submitted to the directory are available for anyone to read and to use on their own sites or publications.

Attached to each article is a resource box in which you include a link to the website you want to send traffic to. When someone uses your article the terms of their use include the requirement that the resource box is included with the publication of the article. The link in the resource box is where the traffic comes from.

To be successful using article marketing you need to be writing regularly and turning out articles in significant numbers. It is not a strategy that will send large number of visitors quickly to your website but it has the very real benefit of being able to send these visitors for potentially years after the article was first written.

The second technique I want to suggest is to make use of giveaway events. A giveaway event is a website that exists only for a short period of time. Numbers of Internet marketers contribute 'gifts', which are digital products they have the right to give away at these events in exchange for the recipient's e-mail address and permission to use it. These events are free to join as a contributor and can drive a very significant amount of traffic to your squeeze page, especially if your 'gift' has a high perceived value.

The next technique I want to consider is blog commenting. It is a simple technique that involves visiting blogs belonging to marketers who operate in your niche. When they publish a new post all you do is leave a comment with a link back to your website. Your comments will need to be constructive and add value to the other reader's experience at the blog. The idea is that you are establishing yourself as an expert in the niche and the quality of your comments should attract the readers of the blog to your website to find out more. It is a simple technique that works out well.

The fourth technique I want to consider is very similar to commenting on blogs. The difference is that this time you will join various forums related to your niche and leave comments there. Once again it is about adding value and the only link back to your website is in your signature, sometimes referred to as a 'sig'. Just be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules of the forum first to be sure you operate within the boundaries.

So, there you have four simple techniques you can put into practice and begin to send traffic to your websites and squeeze pages. There are obviously hundreds of other techniques but these work well and are easy to implement, especially if you are just starting out.

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